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Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney – If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, you only have 10 days to save your driving privilege by requesting an ALS Hearing. If your Atlanta DUI Attorney does not file a hearing request with the Georgia Department of Drivers Services, your license can be suspended for up to one year. If you are out of state driver, your home state could suspend your license depending on the state laws where you reside. Act now to save your driver’s license. The State of Georgia charges $150 to request a hearing to protect your driver’s license. Call us today to speak to an Atlanta Drunk Driving Attorney.


Atlanta DUI Attorney – In Georgia, you are considered legally intoxicated and unable to drive a vehicle if your blood alcohol level exceeds the legal limit depending on your age and whether you have a commercial license. If you are under 21 years old and caught driving with your BAC reading is .02%, you may be charged with DUI. If you are over age 21 and caught driving with your BAC over .08%, you may be charged with DUI. If you have a Georgia Commercial Driving License and are caught driving with a BAC of .04% or over, you may be charged with DUI. Contact our Atlanta DUI attorney today if you have been arrested for driving under the influence in Atlanta Ga. Atlanta DUI Attorney


Atlanta DUI Attorney – A driving under the influence charge is a serious Georgia crime and should be taken seriously. If you have been convicted of driving under the influence in the past and are now facing another DUI charge, the penalties are more severe that could result in the loosing of your license and jail time. Our Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney can help you with protecting your legal rights and making sure that you get the best possible outcome for your driving under the influence case. Below are Georgia published penalties for driving under the influence convictions. 1rst Offense $300 to $500 with 24 hrs to 1 year in jail and up to 1 year suspension of driving privileges. 2cnd offense $600 to $1000 with 3 days to 1 year in jail and up to 3 years suspension of driving privileges. 3rd offense $1000 to $5000 with 15 days to 1 year in jail and up to 5 years suspension of driving privileges. 4th offense $1000 to $5000 with 1 year to 5 years in jail and up to indefinitely suspension of driving privileges. Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney


Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney – Have you been charged with a felony driving under the influence charge in Georgia? In Georgia, Driving Under the Influence charges are generally misdemeanor offenses, but under certain circumstances, driving under the influence can be charged as a felony offense. When you are facing criminal charges such as felony DUI it can have permanent consequences and should be taken very seriously. Having any type of criminal record no matter your age can bring the possibility of a license suspension, expulsion from school, loss of job, professional license,as well as affect your ability to get into college, qualify for financial aid and student loans, auto insurance, renting an apartment, qualify for credit, and affect your future employment opportunities. An Atlanta Georgia felony conviction, though, carries much more severe consequences than a misdemeanor. Felonies are punishable by a year or more of incarceration. Convicted felons may lose the right to vote, hold public office, the ability to own and possess firearms; and could affect the person’s ability to gain future employment. Atlanta Drunk Driving Attorney

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The Williams and Williams Atlanta Ga Law Firm works diligently to protect you from the overwhelming consequences of being convicted of a DUI in the state of Georgia.

Being charged with a driving under the influence does not mean that you are guilty. Georgia DUI citations can be a terrifying experience, and can bring upon the probability of high priced burdens such as loss of license and or jail time. Never leave yourself to the mercy of a state prosecutor. That is one of the worst mistakes you can make! Hire and Atlanta attorney that knows the law.

Justin Williams at Williams and Williams Atlanta Ga Law Firm, is an Atlanta Ga DUI attorney that you can count on to fight to the full for your rights.

When you hire or Atlanta Ga law firm, you get an Atlanta attorney that has the passion for fighting DUI cases, the wisdom that only comes from experience, and the results that prove their dedication.

Williams and Williams is an Atlanta Ga criminal defense law firm that has been fighting Georgia DUI’s in Atlanta with a combined forty years of legal experience.

10 Warning For Atlanta Georgia DUI Cases Day:

 If you have been arrested for DUI in Atlanta Georgia, you only have 10 business days to request an ALS Hearing.  The State charges $150 to file for the hearing and if the hearing is not requested, your driver’s license or privilege to drive in our State will be suspended.  If you are accused of refusing the breath, blood, or urine test, the license suspension will be 12 months in length, without a permit to drive.  So, the stakes are high. There is no second chance to have your case properly handled.

With only ten (10) days to request a hearing with the Department of Driver Services before your license is suspended it is imperative that you hire a criminal defense lawyer quickly.

Atlanta Georgia DUI consultation at Williams and Williams can in most cases be done initially over the phone. This not only saves you the time in traveling to the office but also can reduce the overall cost of your case. Atlanta Ga DUI cases can bring you many pressures, we at Williams and Williams Atlanta Ga criminal defense law firm commit to alleviating a good bit of these pressures by phone consultations and dedicated legal practice. This allows us to be available at night and on weekends. Hire and experienced Criminal Defense Attorney from or Atlanta Ga Law Firm Today.

Whether you use Williams and Williams Atlanta Ga law firm or not there are several questions you should ask any Atlanta DUI attorney before hiring them. Here is a list of such questions as we would suggest you ask.

Attorney Background - you will want to hire an Atlanta DUI attorney who specializes in Georgia criminal & traffic law.

  • How long have you been an Atlanta DUI Attorney?
  • Where did you go to law school / when did you graduate?
  • Have your Atlanta attorney practiced (or do you practice) any other types of law?
  • How many Atlanta DUI clients does your attorney represent each year?
  • How many Atlanta DUI clients does your attorney represent at any one time?
  • How often does your Atlanta attorney you appear at the courthouse where your case will be heard?
  • Do you know the prosecutor / judge / police officers in my case?
  • Is it your practice to first try to negotiate a plea agreement?
  • How often does your Atlanta attorney you take cases to trial?
  • What is the definition of a “win?”
  • Can your Atlanta Attorney appear for you at court?
  • What is a general practitioner versus a specialist?
  • Why have you chosen to be an Atlanta DUI Attorney versus another practice area?

Are you well-reviewed and highly-rated by former Atlanta clients and peers?

Representation- Now you should ask questions about the actual representation this attorney will provide.

  • Will you be personally appearing on my case, or an associate?
  • Can I meet the associate?
  • Who should I call with questions as they come up?
  • How long does it generally take for you return a call when I leave a message?
  • What is the best way to get in touch with you?
  • Will I receive regular updates on my case or do I need to check in with you?
  • Can I have my attorney’s cell phone number and personal email address?
  • Have you handled and won cases like mine?
  • If I have an emergency on a weekend, can I get into contact with my Attorney?
  • Can my Attorney be reached at night?
  • Can my Attorney be reached on weekends?
  • Can I reach my Attorney by text message?

Case Evaluation - During the consultation the attorney will have questions for you about your arrest and your case.  Once you have answered as best you can, you may want to go over some of the questions below about your particular case.

  • Would you recommend a plea agreement or a trial in my case?
  • What are the facts and circumstances that are in my favor?
  • What are the factors that may go against me?
  • What is your plan for the different stages of my case?  (Arraignment, pretrial conference, motion hearings, trial)
  • Do you have a former police officer to serve as my investigator?
  • Do you have an accident reconstructionist for serious injury and death cases?
  • Do you investigate every case, even if a case looks solid for the prosecution?
  • Can my case be won with a properly filed and argued motion to suppress?
  • Have there been any recent changes in the laws that apply to my case?
  • Are there any new penalties that apply to my case?
  • Do I have a fair judge assigned to my case?
  • Do I have a reasonable prosecutor assigned to my case?

Legal Fees - a DUI is expensive.  Many DUI lawyers in Atlanta Georgia have worked out creative ways for you to pay fees.

  • Does your attorney bill by the hour or a flat fee?
  • What does the fee include?  What is not included?
  • Are there other expenses for which you’ll be responsible?
  • What forms of payment does your attorney accept?
  • What payment options does your attorney offer?
  • Is any portion of the attorney fee refundable?
  • Does your attorney take credit and debit cards?
  • Is there a separate attorney fee to go to trial or to file an appeal?
  • Is there a promise of a particular outcome?
  • Why are the fees for an associate less than for the lead attorney?
  • Why not charge an hourly attorney fee versus a flat fee?
  • Is the $150 DDS filing fee part of the attorney fees?
  • Who is responsible for paying the court-reporter (stenographer)?
  • Who is responsible for paying expert witnesses?
  • Who is responsible for paying fines and court-costs?

The right Atlanta Georgia Law firm can have an enormous effect on your case and the rest of your life.


This website will be your first resource to video Georgia DUI information. We update this site frequently with videos to better explain all things  Georgia DUI.

You will find video after video of extensive Georgia driving under the influence information for each of the many jurisdictions in which our Atlanta DUI defense law firm practices. You will find through our video Atlanta Georgia DUI information that we are the right law firm for all your Atlanta Georgia DUI needs.


The Department of Driver Services only gives you ten (10) days from the date of your arrest to request a hearing to stop the automatic suspension of your driver’s license.  A DUI license suspension in Georgia can be up to one year. This makes it very important that you hire the right Atlanta  DUI Attorney from an Atlanta GA law firm today. In the case that you are charged with your first driving under the influence charge our services still have value to you for there are many different types of restricted permits that we can help you get to insure that this conviction does no more damage to your life as possible.

If the police have accused you of refusing to take the breath, blood, or urine tests, the consequences can be the loss of your driver’s license or privilege to drive on the roadways of Atlanta Georgia for a minimum period of one year. Contact our Atlanta DUI Attorney at Williams and Williams today and put their experience to work for you. Your case will not defend itself, and delay can cause irreparable damage to your criminal Defense and your driving privileges.

We are experts at handling those suspected of both driving under the influence of alcohol and those suspected of driving under the influence of both illegal and prescription drugs. DUI Drugs and DUI Prescription Drugs are serious charges in Atlanta Georgia and need the attention of Atlanta attorneys who are experts in the defense of those charges. The evidentiary standards are different in driving under the influenceDrug cases.  You need expert representation to make sure you get a fair outcome.

The consequence for DUI Drugs can even be worse than for Alcohol.   The same can be true for Prescription Drug DUI; which has become even more prevalent.  For example, if you are convicted of driving under the influence of Drugs, you will not qualify for a permit to drive.  Never plead guilty to any case that involves marijuana or other drugs unless that offense is amended to exclude the mention of drugs in the sentence and the charge itself. Many DUI Attorneys in Atlanta Georgia do not know that pleading guilty to driving under the influence of Drugs will result in a total loss of their client’s drivers license.

Just because you have taken a prescription drug does not mean you are under the influence of that drug to the extent that you are less safe to drive. It is important to hire Drug Charges Defense Lawyers and DUI Prescription Drug Lawyers in order to defend against those charges  As mentioned, the consequences for DUI Marijuana can be even more severe than an alcohol related charge.

We will personally handle every aspect of your case from arraignment, investigation, plea-bargaining and trial.   We also have a relationship with expert appellate lawyers who can defend your rights even if you are convicted.  We will do everything possible to get your conviction overturned, and we will fight for you every step of the way.

Types of Cases Handled By Our Atlanta DUI Attorney:

Our office handles not only drunk driving cases but cases related to, or associated with DUI.

These cases include:

  • Multiple offense DUI
  • Habitual Violator
  • Boating Under the Influence
  • Juvenile DUI cases
  • Reckless Driving
  • Hit and Run
  • Violations of probation in Atlanta Georgia
  • All minor traffic offenses that are routinely associated with a DUI
  • Suspended license cases
  • Atlanta Georgia DUI Child Endangerment
  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol

If you allegedly failed a breath-test or field sobriety testing, it does not mean you are guilty.  Police officers make mistakes and machines do not always work.  Our experienced Atlanta DUI Attorney and investigators will evaluate whether the police made a mistake in your Georgia DUI case.  We will also check to make sure the breath test was working correctly when you took your test.

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