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Atlanta Ga Law Firm

Williams and Williams Law Firm is based in Atlanta Ga and serves their clients in the areas of DUI Defense and Personal Injury. A father and son firm, they are dedicated to providing the Atlanta community with passionate understanding and dedication to their cases; wisdom from their experience, research, and education; and the results that matter most to their clients. This team of Atlanta Trial lawyers is fearless in trial and yet fully engaged in client service. “Clients want to be understood. They also want someone that will fight for their rights. Our Atlanta Lawyers are dedicated to providing both.” – Justin D. Williams, Attorney at Law.

 DUI Defense

The Atlanta DUI Defense Lawyers at the Williams and Williams Atlanta Ga Law Firm works diligently to protect you from the overwhelming consequences of being convicted of a DUI in the state of Georgia. Being charged with a driving under the influence does not mean that you are guilty.\

Georgia DUI citations can be a terrifying experience, and can bring upon the probability of high priced burdens such as loss of license and or jail time. Never leave yourself to the mercy of a state prosecutor. That is one of the worst mistakes you can make! Hire Atlanta DUI Defense Lawyers that know the law in the Fulton County Courts.

Trial lawyer Justin Williams, one of our Atlanta DUI Defense Lawyers, is one of the DUI Defense Lawyers in Atlanta that you can count on to fight for your legal rights.

When you hire DUI Defense Lawyers from our Atlanta law firm, you get DUI Defense Lawyers in Atlanta that have the passion for fighting your case, the wisdom that only comes from experience, and the results that continue to prove their dedication.

If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence contact our Atlanta DUI Defense Lawyers today. It might be the call that saves your Georgia Drivers License.

Personal Injury

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys, Auto accident Lawyers A Father and Son law firm, they are dedicated to providing the community with passionate understanding and dedication to their cases; wisdom from their experience, research, and education; and the results that matter most to their clients.

Our Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys prefer to negotiate an auto accident settlement but when negotiations with the insurance companies don’t work, our attorneys are fearless and capable in a Fulton County Jury trial.

The attorneys at our Atlanta law firm are fully engaged in client service keeping you updated regularly on your case along the way. We feel that good client communication is the key to providing great legal representation.

Concerned about your attorneys fees?

Don’t be, our attorneys cost is paid when the Atlanta case settles or goes to verdict.

If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of someone or some entity contact our Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys Today.

If you don’t win, you don’t pay.

Atlanta Auto Accident Injury Lawyers








Meet Justin Williams

Young, passionate, and ready to fight for your case, Justin values every client and demands respect for their rights. Justin was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Before law school, Justin graduated from the University of Georgia in 2004 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science. Over the course of his experience, Justin has engaged in several areas of both civil and criminal law. He is dedicated to serving his clients’ best interest by providing them and their cases the time and attention they deserve. He has an authentic passion to go the extra mile for his clients to get the job done properly. Currently, Justin practices law before the Georgia Court of Appeals, the Georgia Supreme Court and the Northern District of Georgia.

Atlanta Auto Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured in an auto accident due to no fault of your own, don’t try and deal with the insurance companies. The experience trial lawyers at Williams & Williams Law Firm have the passion to take your case to trial, the wisdom to negotiate and the results that speak for themselves.

Don’t go it alone, get The Compensation that You Deserve, Call Williams & Williams Atlanta Ga Law Firm Today!

Atlanta AAuto Accident Injury Lawyers








Meet Dennis Williams

ATTORNEY DENNIS R. WILLIAMS Mr. Williams has over 35 years of experience practicing law including time in the US Army as a J.A.G. officer, working as a Claims Attorney for Insurance companies, being a corporate attorney, being employed by other Law Firms, and being a supervising attorney with the Federal Government. The wealth of experience he brings to Williams and Williams is beyond value. His knowledge of best practices in a variety of fields gives the firm the tools they need to develop excellent strategy and trial presentation. The father to Attorney Justin D. Williams, Dennis embraces mentoring and sharing his experience at the firm.

Atlanta Ga Law Firm

If you have been injured in an accident due to no fault of your own or have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) contact the experienced Atlanta attorneys at our Atlanta Ga Law Firm of Williams & Williams for a free legal consultations.


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