Clear, written contracts are important in business. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to properly draft a contract and ambiguities can happen. The attorneys at Jon Ward Law Firm are experienced in protecting Texas businesses through clearly and effectively drafting original contracts or revisions to help their clients.

Common Contract Problems that can Lead to Lawsuits

  • Questions whether a party to the contract understood the terms of the agreement;
  • Vague or unclear terms or provisions in the contract;
  • A lack of mutual obligations or rights (in other words, one party has no obligation to pay or right to get a service or item);
  • Inadequate provisions regarding either party’s representation regarding the condition of the goods being sold or specific types of services to be provided (or not provided).

Contract Services Offered by John Ward Law Firm.

  • Drafting or revising contractual documents
  • Reviewing, analyzing, and providing our opinion as to contracts
  • Negotiation regarding contractual provisions
  • Advocacy and litigation regarding client contracts

Experienced Contract and Agreement Attorneys 

Contracts and agreements are necessary tools for accountability under the law. However, they can be abused, and when they are the abusers should be held accountable. Whether you feel you signed an incomplete or misleading contract, or need help reviewing an agreement before you sign seeking the counsel of experienced business law attorneys will ensure the best outcome possible. 

Employment Agreements 

Senior executives, employees with special skills, or employees hired to work on specific projects will typically get an offer of employment for a specific contracted time. These contracts typically have very specific compensation packages that can include renewal options, performance bonuses, stock options, and profit-sharing.