Core to our Beliefs


At JDW Law Firm, we have always believed that as a leading law firm and with a central role in our community that we should apply our legal skills for the benefit of marginalised communities and neighbourhoods. That is why we offer our legal skills free in support of this objective to those who deserve legal support.

The Creation of The Pro Bono Foundation

In 2009, John Ward Law Firm was one of the founding firms of the Foundation Pro Bono, a non-profit group that allocates legal aid to the less fortunate with the objective of making justice accessible.

JDW’s Contributions

At John Ward Law Firm, each attorney, regardless of ranking, must complete several hours of pro bono work per year. Our corporate lawyers work on their own cases as well as in groups for resolving cases of great social impact.

We undertake pro bono legal work in two ways: both through the foundation and through work that is sent directly to the firm.